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Career Growth

At Dow Jones, our dedication to enabling career growth provides employees with opportunities to gain new skills and perspectives by working cross-functionally with peers across the globe. We recognize the value in empowering our teams with continued training and tools to take on leadership roles throughout the organization.

  • Frank

    Frank joined DJ in 2005 as a product manager. After stints in Product Development and UX design he is currently Head of Product Operations.

    “Our industry requires us to remain agile which presents huge opportunity. I try to be poised for change at all times. Don’t just tolerate change; be ready to take advantage of it by maximizing your awareness across Dow Jones. Meet people in other departments, learn another area, and ask a lot of questions. Be ready for the opportunities that change will bring.”

    Paul Mellor
  • Carissa

    Carissa joined DJ as a receptionist in 2010. She quickly assumed multiple roles within HR before moving on to a position with our Global Facilities team.? After a year, she was promoted to Executive Assistant to the CFO and has since assumed the position of Manager, office of the COO/CFO, managing a team of executive assistants.

    “Dow Jones has been the launching pad for my career. To me, it is a land of opportunity for those looking to build their knowledge in various areas of the business. I am humbled by all of the intelligent people I’ve met and great experiences Dow Jones has provided me over the past 5 years.”

    Paul Mellor
  • Fernando

    Fernando recently relocated from Barcelona, Spain to New York City.

    “My new role as Art Director in the US has given me the opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects within the digital design and UX team. It has elevated my career path by gaining an international role in a global news company. I also enjoy the NYC style life, working in Manhattan and living in Brooklyn.”

    Paul Mellor


“Cultivating healthy work-life integration is essential. At Dow Jones we are always working to improve our benefit offerings and wellness programs to ensure they are supporting our employees’ physical, mental and emotional well-being. This includes commitment to their families.”
– William Lewis


Our philosophy: holistic benefits package

Here at Dow Jones we care for our people holistically. Whether it’s yoga classes on our 3rd floor New York office, fresh fruit at The Wall Street Journal snack bar, or an on-site day care center at our Princeton office – we care about you AND your family.

It starts here at Dow Jones:

We’ve created an open space – devoid of walls, barriers and offices to create a sense of community among our employees. Our on-site events (Digital Journalism conference, Women in Communications panel), pizza days, Blue Bottle espresso offerings and volunteer opportunities connect you with the broader vision of who we are as a global 5,000 strong news organization.

It evolves with your changing lifestyle:

Happy people are more productive, more creative and more insightful. Though a gym may suit your needs now, in 20 years’ time you’ll be thinking about elderly care for your parents. We know this, which is why our coverage includes care-taking resources for the aging.

Your contributions matter. Our benefits package is just another way we say “thank you.”

  • Angus

    Angus , Events

    It is important to have an approachable attitude with an?open and?flexible?state of mind. Strong communication is also critical – not only with your immediate team but across the?business?and the wider News Corp group.

  • Aparna

    Aparna , Data Science

    In my mind, Dow Jones is all about opportunity. ?I am encouraged to explore new projects, cutting edge technologies and people around the business are excited to form collaborations. ?We have a great culture, strong mentors and top notch resources. ?Dow Jones cares about helping their employees succeed!

  • Cordelia

    Cordelia , Executive Office

    Everyone at DJ is accessible. Our open seating plan facilitates the focus on collaboration. At any time you can schedule an appointment with someone who works in a department you’re interested in. You can join the mentoring program or even participate in the many professional development courses provided.? DJ is a launching pad where executives encourage, even their EAs, to join meetings and share ideas.? The opportunities are truly endless.

  • Valeria

    Valeria , Marketing

    Dow Jones is a global company with employees working together across many time zones. It’s important to embrace this kind of collaboration and always think about how what you’re doing will benefit the ultimate business goals. It’s also crucial to always be customer-centric because without our customers we wouldn’t exist.


An internship at Dow Jones is not only about you – what you contribute individually, but also about how you function, interact and thrive on a team. Here at Dow Jones we value interns: your fresh perspectives, differing approaches, and “hey, let’s give this a try” attitude. We need your skills, innovative ideas and unique backgrounds to help us navigate the ever changing media/ news landscape.

To learn more about our Internship & Early Careers program, please click?here

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Graduate Rotational Program

Think you have what it takes to lead in a world-renowned 21st-century organization? The Dow Jones Rotation Leadership Program could be just what you’re looking for.

We’ve created a rigorous rotation program where you will spend 12 months?learning the intricacies of Dow Jones and bringing fresh eyes to current challenges?within the company. This program allows carefully-selected recent grads to rotate throughout various departments at Dow Jones, with the goal of developing a well-rounded professional who embody our core attributes and know the “ins and outs” of the company. ?This general knowledge allows candidates to seamlessly move on to full-time opportunities within the Dow Jones family.

Through the Rotation Leadership Program you’ll be getting “on the job” training and the opportunity to learn what really goes on in different departments while you discover where your skills are best utilized – something which is in the best interest of both candidate and company. Because when you shine, we shine. Your passion and productivity equals success for Dow Jones.

Click here?to see what Business Areas have Rotation Program positions available.

Dow Jones News Fund—Summer Internship Programs

The Dow Jones News Fund offers five summer internship programs, in partnership with a variety of media companies, to college juniors, seniors and graduate students interested in pursuing journalism careers. Students returning to school after their internships are eligible for $1,000 scholarships. Each program offers free, week-long pre-internship training on a college campus. November 1 is the deadline to apply for these paid jobs. Applicants apply on the web at? A one-hour test is also required. Students may apply for all of the programs simultaneously.

  • The Data Journalism Program places students in newsrooms with the skills to acquire electronic information, to negotiate for data from official sources, use spreadsheets and databases to analyze information and translate it into compelling stories.
  • The Digital Media Program provides summer jobs at news organizations creating digital products, producing multimedia components, managing social media, analyzing web traffic and a wide array of other duties.
  • The Business Reporting Internship Program matches students with newspapers, websites and news services where they are reporting and writing business news.
  • ?The American City Business Journals Internship Program places reporters at some of its 43 local business newspapers nationwide.
  • The Multiplatform Editing Program assigns students to news organizations writing headlines, editing copy and designing pages.

The Programs

If you apply to one of our internship programs, you’ll be joining a group of highly entrepreneurial, driven and yet collegial news junkies. We live and breathe news. We are up for the challenge of re-thinking the news business. And we do this in an open plan office with lots of coffee and lots of teamwork.

Returnship Program

A Returnship is an opportunity for professionals who have not been in the workforce for at least two years due to child-care, family care, and other life events, to transition back into a professional setting. Finding a job after taking time off can be very difficult. The Dow Jones Returnship program gives returning professionals an opportunity for a fresh start. Participants of the Returnship would go through the 12-week paid program to gain new experience to help bridge the gap in their professional background. This type of program has several similarities to internships as we know them today, with the major differences being the candidate’s age, experience, pay-expectations, and sourcing methods.

Dow Jones Return To Work Program

Who is eligible?

This program would be open to anyone (both external applicants and DJ alumni) who has been out of the workforce for two or more years and ready to return. This includes:

Parents returning to workforce
Long term caregivers for sick or elderly family who are returning to work
Long term unemployed


Competitive Pay
Flexible work environment
Access to Onsite Dow Jones Fitness Center
Access to Dow Jones Credit Union
Backup Child Care options

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